The Nani Solares Show: Faith and Rest

DO YOU STRUGGLE TO ATTAIN ACTIVE FAITH AND REST? Is having a working faith for your day-to-day life a complicated thing for you to grasp? Does the notion of rest baffle you? Do you struggle to live the supernatural life and avail yourself of supernatural resources? Then this show is for you. Tune in and learn:
• The profound simplicity of faith and rest
• What is true faith and what is it NOT
• What does God mean by rest
• How understanding these in their purest form can allow you to tap into God’s supernatural provision and help for your life

The Nani Solares Show: Sweet Surrender Part 2

In today’s show I will continue the discussion true surrender from a New Covenant perspective. Watch and learn:
• How to break from striving and struggling to obtain
• How to identify hidden pride and fear
• Learn how to draw from God’s Kingdom resources instead from the world’s limited resources
• Self-will run riot – how seeking after pleasure and our own selfish gains causes pain and dysfunction in our lives

The Nani Solares Show: Sweet Surrender Part 1

On today’s show I will be continuing the series, Start the Year Off Right with Christ with SWEET SURRENDER. In this episode I will be discussing the topic of surrender and God’s will – two things that have been greatly misunderstood in the body of Christ. People have historically believed that it is almost impossible to serve God and please Him. Surrender is often seen as blind obedience but, surrender is about relationship and partnership with God. It is a key to success because it allows us to stay on the right track and focused on the things that truly matter. It allows us to tap into the resources of the Kingdom and the anointing of God to achieve our goals. Watch and learn:
• What true surrender is
• How to achieve it
• What surrender is NOT
• Things that hinder true surrender
• How pride and self-will run riot affect our ability to live in the bliss of surrender
• How to identify hidden pride and self-will in your life
• How rest is connected to surrender
Surrender to God is a good thing, not a bad thing. In it we find peace, happiness, joy, and our purpose.


In continuation of the series, START THE YEAR OFF RIGHT WITH CHRIST, I will discuss the most important key to victory which is to learn to practice the presence of God. That’s the only way we will be able to access all the strength and resources that are ours by inheritance. The practice of the presence of God has been overly mystified in some cases, and way under emphasized in others. And it has almost always been overly complicated. It is quite simple and available for all of us, as you will see by watching this episode. Watch today and learn:
• How to simplify the practice of the presence of God in your day-to-day reality
• Things that get in the way of our ability to practice the presence of God
• Things that help us to practice the presence of God
• What the presence of God has to do with success in our lives


A new year holds so much promise and potential. On the other hand, it could be more of the same junk we don’t want in our lives. If nothing changes we may continue to experience re-runs of our pain, past, and destructive habits. In this episode I will go over scriptures that show us, in Jesus’ own words, the path to victory, success, and freedom in Christ. Watch and learn:
• How to harness the power of the resurrected Christ within
• Jesus’ job description and what He wants to do this year in YOUR life
• How to apply what He did and spiritual Truths to your life
• Principles for overcoming your own patterns
• Learn who your true enemy is on the journey of life and how to overcome him

The Nani Solares Show: THE HEART OF A PASTOR

There is no greater responsibility in this world than being a leader. It is truly an honor when individuals trust us enough to open their hearts and lives to us. God appointed PASTORS in the Church to build up the believer and help him or her reach their potential – which IS CHRIST. Today Tom Loud and I will discuss the heart and character of a true pastor. Watch and learn:
• How to truly bring the best out of the people you’re leading
• The importance of seeing people with the eyes of God
• The importance of trusting the Christ in people
• How to biblically build up your congregation into Christlike maturity
• How destructive control and manipulation are with regards to the destinies of the people you’re leading
• The characteristics and qualities of a true pastor

The Nani Solares Show: YOU – MIGHTY MAN OF GOD!

On today’s show Art Thomas and I discuss issues specific to men. Men and women have different struggles, as well as different roles. On today’s show learn:
• Issues that affect men in their walk with God
• The role self-confidence plays in your life as a man of God
•What women REALLY need from men (And I just got everyone’s attention)
• God-given roles for men
• How to fulfill your purpose as a man of God in your family and in the world


What we prioritize shapes our life and creates our reality. Much of the world’s dysfunction has to do with having priorities that are not in line with the life that God has created each and everyone of us for. On today’s show:
•Learn the role that priorities and values play in creating our reality and destiny
•Learn the importance of prioritizing the things that are truly important versus the things that are not.
• Learn how to identify what is truly important and what is not
• Learn how your priorities direct your life
•Learn The connection between priorities and our value system
• Learn how to discern Godly priorities


On today’s show Missionary Pauly B and I will talk about stepping out of the boat in faith toward the destiny that God ha in store for us. Watch and learn about:
• The faith to step out of the boat
• Having a clear vision
• Understanding your purpose
• Effort versus works of the flesh
• Rest versus laziness / apathy
• And more


Do you struggle with?

• chronic unhappiness, bitterness, ingratitude
What about?
• impatience, getting easily upset
• Lack of discipline, focus or motivation, lack of balance in your life???

Then this show is for you. Watch and learn how to develop the Fruit of the Spirit of JOY, PATIENCE AND TEMPERANCE. These are aspects of God’s nature that live in us and strengthen us to live the lives of character, integrity and destiny that God has created us for.