Marriage & Couples Counseling

The bedrock of society is the family; and the bedrock of the family is the marital relationship. We work with couples anywhere on the spectrum of marital problems – i.e. on one end you’ll have couples on the brink of divorce and in need of restoration, whereas on the other end you’ll have amazing couples that just need a little help in communicating and relating in more effective ways. Wherever on that spectrum a couple falls, our goal is to help them learn how to have enriching, satisfying, and rewarding relationships. Couples who embark on the couples counseling journey with us can expect:

  • To learn the root causes of what is afflicting their marriage
  • To learn to embrace the differences in the relationship instead of use them as a battleground
  • To learn effective communication and relationship skills
  • To work through and release past pain, i.e. infidelity, forgiveness issues, resentments, etc.
  • To increase the emotional intimacy of the relationship, and if need be, the physical intimacy as well
  • Acquire tools that will help you go the distance with your partner in life with passion, excitement, and mutual happiness