Individual Counseling

Our approach to counseling is holistic and intensive. All of our therapists employ a variety of therapeutic disciplines and approaches aimed at addressing the root of our clients’ problems. When a client embarks on the journey of individual counseling with us they can expect:

  • To learn and understand what are the root causes of the things afflicting their lives
  • To gain awareness into belief systems and mindsets – some which have been in place for many years – that are continuing to cause negative consequences in their lives
  • Reframe wrong belief systems and rewrite the landscape of their mind, i.e. change irrational and self-defeating thought patterns, perspectives, and mindsets
  • An environment of love and support as I assist them in letting go of the past and moving forward into their future, free from the debilitating issues of the past
  • Overcome anxiety and depression via those factors mentioned above, as well as coaching on coping skills and principles for managing life and stressors effectively
  • CHANGE! If my clients want to change, I can guarantee that I will help them change!