The Nani Solares Show: The Life Changing Power of Exercise

Do you have:
• Aches and pains?
• Low energy?
• Sleep problems?
• Depression or anxiety?
• Arthritis?
• High blood pressure or high cholesterol?
• Or just about any health condition?
Do you want to exercise but struggle to get “into it” or build a discipline?
Linda Pescatore and I will be discussing how exercise can save your life today on the show. She has been a trainer for many years and has a wealth of experience i helping people to get moving for life. Tune in today at 1pm eastern time (the time has been changed for today only). Tune in for the link a little later today.

The Nani Solares Show: How to Instill Trust in Those You Love

This is the follow-up to the previous episode on the POWER OF TRUST. In this episode I discuss tips and strategies for instilling trust in those you love. If you are married or have kids this is A MUST WATCH! There are ways to bring out the best in people. And instilling trust is one of the most powerful. Watch and learn:
• How to communicate a heart of trust
• How to instill trust in your kids so they will trust themselves to make right choices in life
• How instilling trust in your kids can be a powerful safeguard against drug use and other dangers of the teen and young-adult years
• How instilling trust in your spouse can bring out the best in them and enhance you marriage relationship
Trust is indeed a powerful thing and we need to be people that know how to give our trust to those we love. TRUST me, your loved ones will love you for it!

The Nani Solares Show: The Power Behind Trust

THE POWER BEHIND TRUST. This show is about teaching you to unlock the power behind the principle of trust. Trust is not just something we do. It is a group of belief systems that create our reality. Trust in God, self, and others are all aspects of trust and they affect one another. If you struggle with these:
• It will sabotage your destiny and future
• It will rob you of intimacy and relationship with God
• It will cause dysfunction to your relationships

Tune in today at noon eastern time or watch later at your convenience by clicking the link below. Also, purchase the $10 adjunct affirmation CD that will help you develop trust deep in your subconscious mind.

The Nani Solares Show: The Cycle of Love

DO YOU STRUGGLE WITH KNOWING GOD’S LOVE? WITH SELF-LOVE? This is key to living in health and wholeness. In this episode learn about THE CYCLE OF TRUE LOVE. I will discuss the utmost important topic of love. Watch and learn:
• The 3 part cycle of true love – God’s Love -> self-love -> love for others
• Understand why a break in the first two can break the entire cycle and cause dysfunction in our lives
• Learn of the power of healing found in the cycle of love
• Learn how to flow in the complete cycle of true and pure love

The Nani Solares Show: Life After Divorce

50% of marriages end in divorce, leaving a great deal of pain in its wake. Some people really struggle with healing from the grief and change that so often comes with divorce. In this episode I will discuss:
• common experiences of people who have been divorced
• overcoming rejection, anger, and grief
• moving forward and moving on
Please share with anyone you know that might benefit from this discussion.

The Nani Solares Show: Childproof Your Divorce

I hate divorce, but sadly 50% of marriages end up in divorce. While that is sad for all involved, adults get to make their own decisions. Children, on the other hand, live at the mercy of decisions made for them. One of the most difficult things a child can experience is parental divorce. It affects every aspect of their life. In this show I will discuss:
• What children need from their parents after divorce
• What affects kids most after divorce
• The biggest mistakes divorced parents make that affect their children
• Important keys to minimize the effect of divorce on kids
Everyone knows people who are divorced. Please share this with anyone you know will benefit.

The Nani Solares Show: Manage / Regulate Your Emotions

When we do not know how to manage our inner world (thoughts, feelings, reactions, mood) our life and relationships suffer a great deal. Nine times out of ten, our consequences in life can be directly linked to a choice we made. This show is all about how to manage your inner world and reactions. Learn:
• The connections between thoughts, behavior and  consequences
• Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) Approach and how it can help change your life
• How you can control your own mood
• How to manage emotions/feelings
• How to be happier overall
• How to stay calm, cool, and collected even in times of stress
Don’t be a victim to your own inner impulses any more. Learn to manage your inner world in a way that will create the life you want.

The Nani Solares Show: Teens & Weed

PARENTS WATCH WITH TEENS! Marijuana is not all fun and games as the Legalize Marijuana Movement often leads us to believe. The people who are being negatively impacted the most by this movement right now are our teens. Our middle- and high schools are inundated with various forms of marijuana. Watch this show and learn:
• The truth about marijuana use/abuse
• The destructive effects of marijuana on the teenage brain
• The current epidemic of marijuana use and abuse in our middle– and high schools
• The side effects of marijuana abuse
• Dangers of synthetic marijuana
Marijuana is an addictive, dangerous substance and addiction destroys lives.

The Nani Solares Show: Overcoming Trama & PTSD

Between 50-60% of people will suffer a trauma in their lifetime. The effects of a traumatic event can be debilitating and last a lifetime if left untreated. If you:
• are still affected by something that happened to you a long time ago
• have frequent memories or intrusive images of traumatic events
• have difficulty trusting people and opening up in relationships
• continue to suffer depression, fear, or anxiety because of your past
THEN YOU ARE DEALING WITH TRAUMA. If you or someone you know has been a victim of a crime, abuse, traumatic event, or been in war, you WANT TO WATCH THIS SHOW. In it I will:
• break down PTSD and trauma in layman terms
• describe what happens to the brain during trauma
• how to change and recover from the debilitating effects of a trauma

The Nani Solares Show: Perseverance and Motivation

In this world there is no shortage of people with dreams and visions. But there is a shortage of people who have the wisdom, motivation, and perseverance to see their dreams through. Watch today’s show and learn:
• What is perseverance and motivation from a psychological and spiritual perspective
• The 2 kinds of motivation and which one is most powerful
• How to stay focused on your goal even when motivation is waning
• How to overcome the self-defeating patterns of giving up on your goals