The Nani Solares Show: Overcoming Trama & PTSD

Between 50-60% of people will suffer a trauma in their lifetime. The effects of a traumatic event can be debilitating and last a lifetime if left untreated. If you:
• are still affected by something that happened to you a long time ago
• have frequent memories or intrusive images of traumatic events
• have difficulty trusting people and opening up in relationships
• continue to suffer depression, fear, or anxiety because of your past
THEN YOU ARE DEALING WITH TRAUMA. If you or someone you know has been a victim of a crime, abuse, traumatic event, or been in war, you WANT TO WATCH THIS SHOW. In it I will:
• break down PTSD and trauma in layman terms
• describe what happens to the brain during trauma
• how to change and recover from the debilitating effects of a trauma