Welcome to Nani’s Place: Center for Healing and Wholeness!
At Nani’s Place we are passionate about helping individuals heal and restore their lives, marriages, and families. We have licensed therapists specializing in a variety of therapeutic approaches, disciplines, and areas of expertise.

Our specialties:

NEW CREATION CHRISTIAN COUNSELING: We are original in our fully Christ-centered, New Creation approach to counseling. This approach to counseling allows individuals to heal and restore their lives and achieve deep inner healing. It is much more effective than traditional Christian counseling because it starts from the complete finished work of the cross. We see individuals as whole and complete, as God sees them. And as we help them see themselves that way, permanent change and healing takes place.

MARRIAGE CPR: Marriage is the bedrock of the family unit, and the bedrock of society is the family. We help individuals going through difficulties, and even at the brink of divorce, restore their marriages. Our framework for helping couples includes: embracing the differences, healing from past resentments, learning communication and relationship skills, and increasing the emotional intimacy in the marriage. We help couples find what brought them together to begin with and build from there.

INTENSIVE OUTPATIENT SUBSTANCE ABUSE TREATMENT: Many people in our society are struggling with debilitating addictions. We use a comprehensive approach for substance-abuse treatment including individual counseling, group counseling, and prayer. We help individuals understand addiction from the perspective of the mind, the emotions, and lifestyle habits. By offering a holistic treatment approach, individuals can gradually build the skills and principles necessary to live life clean and sober.

PERSONAL GROWTH AND WELLNESS CLASSES: We offer a variety of personal growth classes on different subjects such as: coping skills, overcoming depression, women’s issues, men’s issues, parenting and more. These classes not only offer education but support from like-minded individuals experiencing similar circumstances. Please sign up for our mailing list by sending your email address through the “contact us” section.